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In recent years, Rilakkuma plush has become a popular item for kids of all ages for their simplicity, longevity and uniqueness. This incredibly plush toy is crafted from premium materials and offers unparalleled softness, hugability and durability.

Why you love Rilakkuma Plush

  • Collectibility: Collecting plush toys and other merchandise related to favorite franchises is a popular hobby among many individuals. The Rilakkuma Plush toys are a delightful and distinct addition to any collection.
  • Cute and Adorable: The Rilakkuma Stuffed toys are irresistibly cute and cuddly, featuring soft materials and adorable facial expressions that appeal to fans of all ages.
  • High quality material: Rilakkuma Plush toys primarily utilize plush fabrics, such as microfiber or polyester, which are renowned for their softness and resilience. The filling inside these plush toys is typically comprised of cotton or polyester fibers, contributing to their comfortable and fluffy texture.
  • Best gift: For anyone who is a fan of the Japanese culture, a Rilakkuma Stuffed Animal is an ideal gift that they will appreciate. Owning a physical representation of their favorite franchise from the game that they can hold and cherish will undoubtedly bring them joy.

Happy Customers

rv1 - Rilakkuma Plush


Super duper cute!! You can move the nose around too (at least on mine) so if it looks off you can move it. I love it

Happy customer 1 - Rilakkuma Plush


I love this so much! Came super quickly ! Such a soft plush and it’s so much bigger than I expected. It arrived when I was sick and it cheered me up so much ! Thankyou ✨

Happy customer - Rilakkuma Plush


This is sooooo cute!! It’s like the teensiest but smaller than expected but I think that’s just because I was thinking it would be bigger for whatever reason. If your thinking of getting it then do!! I love it sm!!!

Happy customer 2 - Rilakkuma Plush


Im planning on giving this to my friend and i hope she likes it. But this keychain is very cute. 

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A brown bear, named Rilakkuma, suddenly appears in Kaoru’s room one day. Rilakkuma loves pancakes, dumplings and spending time at hot springs. We hope that Rilakkuma is an example of how to relax and enjoy life stress-free. Is Rilakkuma just a bear or a teddy bear? Or is something else hidden inside of him?

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